Decide you will one day! (Yoda that I 3D printed on a fully open source printer)

I have been using desktop Linux since 2005. However, in my personal experience, the Linux desktop has not succeeded in becoming the viable alternative to Windows or macOS. Even Canonical changed their #1 bug in launchpad where they pretty much withdrew from the desktop space. Both Red Hat and SUSE made it clear from the very early on that desktop is not their area of interest. Of late even openSUSE and Fedora have shifted their target audience and are now rightly focussing on developers, sysadmins and devops crowd.

So as I plan to upgrade my laptop, I am thinking should I just go for a MacBook, running macOS and still get access to all UNIX tools and utilities or buy a laptop with desktop Linux on it?

The reason is, as a tech enthusiast, I need access to latest technologies. At the same time, I want a platform which can handle anything that I throw at it. The most important of all is the ability to use whichever tools I need for the job. Last but not the least I want something that just works. I no more have time to spend hours in just making my computer work.

Personally, I feel while almost all enterprise/infrastructure innovation in happening in the Linux world, the desktop world has largely remained behind and plays catch up with macOS and Windows. I use Linux everywhere else, but on the desktop it’s becoming a limiting factor.

So my question to you readers is, should I switch to macOS as getting work done is more important than the platform.

Have you switched from Linux desktop to macOS? What has been your experience so far?

  • Joseph Dickson

    My heart says stay with Linux but my brain says whichever platform is most productive to how you work and therefore more profitable for your time.

  • Ulf Rompe

    For what it’s worth: I own a MacBook Pro and run Fedora on it because MacOS and me never succeeded in becoming friends.

    The desktop experience just didn’t work for me and maintaining a zoo of open source software on that system was a major pain. So, back to Fedora and happy about the package management.

    Your milage may vary.

  • Swapnil Bhartiya

    Thanks. That’s the kind of discussion I was expecting. Just the way we eat to live and not the other way round, I use a computer to do things. I don’t do things so I can use the computer. Which means the platform that I use should fully help me in getting the work done, without any compromise. I want the best tools to deliver my work and that’s what will decide which platform should I settle on.

  • Swapnil Bhartiya

    I totally understand. I run Linux servers and am surrounded by Linux powered devices. However, as I stated above when it comes to tools, I need the one hat can deliver the job without compromises and unnecessary work around, which not only waste time but also affect quality. I am trying to spend as much time as I can on all three platforms – Windows 10, macOS and Linux (well I have been using Linux as my ONLY desktop OS since 2005 so there is nothing new there, but for the first time I am doing comparative analysis to see where each platform stands) for the last few days.

  • Joseph Dickson

    At work, I use Windows 7 because that’s what our institution provides, at home I only use Linux.

    In a perfect world I could install Linux at work, use Inkscape and GIMP. However, I’d become a burden to my colleagues sending proprietary file formats. I don’t want to break workflow for someone else just to accommodate my niche.

    I used to use Mac OS 7,8 and 9 back then I had to adapt to Windows users much like how Linux has to adapt to Windows and Linux users today.

  • Humberto Santiago Molinares Pa

    Si para ti es muy importante estar en la vanguardia de las novedades tecnologicas sin tener que sacrificar tiempo configurando una plataforma gnu. de Seguro cambiarte de sistema operativo es la mejos eleccion posibe; asi el cuello de botella que tienes empleando tu tiempo configurando gnu lo puedes sumar semanalmente y emplearlo para seguir tu progreso profesional. (Ahora suma todas las horas en tu semana de lidiar con gnu y tendras una idea de cuanto tiempo muerto es so) A mi tambien me pasa. De todos modos es una excelentisima idea el cambio que haces. Pero recuerda escribistes un blog que hace referencia a la privacidad del uso de sistemas privativos como windows 10 y OSx. Esto es para que lo tengas presente.