With the landing of Donald J Trump as the US president and Republican’s total control over congress, consumer rights are under threat. Republicans are not for protecting people, their goal is to give mega-corporations a freehand over what ever they can grab. I have been using Linux since 2005, but off late I need access to some commercial applications and services, which means I have to use either macOS or Windows. I don’t have any trust in Windows 10, given the built-in tracking technologies. macOS, on the other hand, does make privacy a huge selling point. Remember the while iPhone unlocking saga, where Tim Cooked refused to create a backdoor for FBI whereas Bill Gates criticized Apple?

So my question to you is, which one of the two is safer when it comes to privacy protection and spying by the company and government?

  • Chris Ahlstrom

    I think the best bet is the “air gap”