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Dell Precision Workstation AIO 5720 – the first 4K all-in-one desktop...

Responding to the growing demand for Linux-preloaded high-end systems, Dell has launched its best of the breed, all-in-one desktop, Precision Workstation AIO 5720. It’s also...

How to setup Red5 streaming media server

A tutorial by Marin Todorow Red5 is a multi-platform streaming flash media server based in java. It can be used for various of different purposes including...

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Munich mayor puts America first, Germany last

What these Bavarian politicians probably don’t know, or are comfortably ignoring is that the German software industry is the biggest threat to Microsoft’s dominance in these core areas.

Easiest Arch Linux Manual

This "Arch Linux manual/guide" will teach you how to install Arch Linux on your PC.

How to convert users to Linux

There are two ways of converting users to Linux: My way or the hard way

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How to auto-mount hard drives in Linux.

Nerf N-Strike Elite TerraScout Remote Control Drone Blaster review

Choosing Christmas toys for my son is a challenge that I take very seriously. I usually get him something educational but the geek and...

The best holiday tech gifts for your whiz kid

If you are a last-minute holiday shopper like me, here are some great gifts for kids who are into gadgets, or if you want...

Linus Torvalds explains why he created Git

Today GitHub is the world's biggest code hoster in the world with over 9 million users and over 21.1 million repositories.

Why you should never use Microsoft’s OOXML pseudo-standard format

We reached out to Italo Vignoli of The Document Foundation, the organization responsible for developing LibreOffice which is a fork of OpenOffice, to understand the risks of using OOXML...

Open Source is driving disruption in technology: Interview with Nithya Ruff...

There is a need for a different way to architect storage in the cloud and that's where open source is playing a huge role.

Reasons why you should be using Gandi

If you want to do business with a company which shares the same views that you have, as a Linux & Open Source advocate, Gandi is that company.

ownCloud to organize Developer Conference in Berlin

ownCloud is one of the most important free software projects around because we all are moving to the cloud for easy access to our data anywhere, anytime.

Linus Torvalds is my hero, says 13 year old Zachary DuPont

Zachary DuPont is a 6th grader who will turn 13 in 10 days and he used to be an Arch Linux user.